Jean CerasaniI am who I am most completely through my art. My life experiences and pleasures are translated through my work as an artist. While I work, I immerse myself in realms where I find balance and satisfaction. Most of my subject matter comes from the day to day experiences of life; a walk with a friend, tending a garden, the raising of my children, the love of my family, the realm of my dreams.

I like to work in different mediums to achieve varied expressions and results. The translucent layers of dyed silk tapestries put me in a space where I can focus on the beauty of a single flower or bird, and enables me to play with the delicate interaction of colors to create a peaceful space. Dyes on paper provide a format for more vigorous and spontaneous expression, and the egg tempera painting is a format for my “other realms.” All of which satisfy my endless delight in handling color. Carved clay temples and assembled boxes are great psychic balancers I use to help me come to terms with the bumps of life.

Admittedly, my work is a selfish endeavor that I must continue or wither in spirit. However, I do hope that as others come in contact with my work, it can bring a smile, call up a personal memory, or create a moment of peace that once shared creates a wider realm of peace and beauty in our environment.

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